A device used in conjunction with therapy to guide loved ones through conversations about depression.

User Research
10 weeks, Sep - Dec 2019
Figma, Miro, Pen & Paper
Kitty He
Rene Goldfarb-Ilyashov


Depression affects over 18 million adults in the United States. It can be a complex problem because it not only affects people with depression but also their family and friends as they try to support. Our team took the challenge to explore around the opportunity space and how technology could help people with depression.

Looking at the problem space through 3 broad and intersecting lenses

The Challenge

How might we help adults with depression cultivate communication skills with loved ones?

The Solution

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1 Cultural Probe & 4 semi-structured Interviews

Through initial exploration by literature review and deploying a cultural probe, we identified our focus on the relationship between people with depression and their loved ones. To validate the assumptions we made through secondary research, we conducted interviews with people who have experienced depression. Using an affinity diagram, we organized the data we collected along with our insights on the board.

User Story


Our team generated 90+ ideas in total which helped us expand the mindset and explore ideas in various dimensions.

We down-selected our idea into this initial concept - a digital cube that allows two people to take turns and respond to the prompts for cultivating their communication skills about depression.

With this initial concept in mind, we started wireframing and conducting usability testings with both paper and digital prototypes to iterate on our concept.

3 Key Paths



We asked - what does comfortable and playful really mean to us?

Final Design

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